Once Upon A Halloween! @ Boxford Public Library, Boxford, MA
Oct 26 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Diane participates in Boxford Libraries annual costume gala and celebration with a wonderful program of funny/spooky tales and a cauldron the children even get to stir…

Once Upon A Halloween

DianeEgecomb-Halloween-ForWebWhat would Halloween be without some chillin’ tales for the spookiest time of the year? Once Upon A Halloween is a fun-filled, Halloween event – complete with a huge cauldron bubbling over with fog for the last dramatic story! This family program contains some old chestnuts as well as great new Halloween stories full of surprises. All tales are appropriate for family audiences and contain a well-rounded blend of suspense and humor.

“Thank you again for a wonderful Halloween performance. The children were engaged whether laughing or quivering! As everyone was leaving I heard nothing but praise and positive comments. You are a master of your craft!” Anne Vantram Children’s Librarian, East Bridgewater Public Library, East Bridgewater, MA

Diane's Halloween antics!

Diane’s Halloween antics!



Tell Me a Story ~ a storytelling workshop @ NASA Conference at Newton South High School, Newton, MA
Nov 4 @ 9:05 am – 10:20 am

Diane will be leading Tell Me A Story – an interactive storytelling workshop at the Newton After School Association Conference in Newton, MA. This will be her second year presenting at the conference- called back because of “rave reviews!”

About the Tell Me A Story Workshop:

The only thing more compelling than a good story is a story well told! In this hands-on, interactive workshop, master storyteller Diane Edgecomb takes us to the heart of the storytelling art as we playfully explore the building blocks of story. We’ll begin by finding an anecdote from our own lives, learning how to enhance it so that it sparkles. Additional group exercises, conducted in a supportive atmosphere, will help everyone develop their expressive abilities. Participants will explore their voice’s potential and learn how to create a character using Diane’s method of Voice and Body signatures. Skills learned from this workshop can be applied to storytelling, story-reading, and to public speaking venues. Experience the power of story!

This workshop is only open to the Newton After School Association (NASA) Conference participants. For more information on how to join the NASA conference, check the NASA website:

Digging Dinosaurs @ Medway Public Library, Medway, MA
Nov 4 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Diane will be bringing her popular original dinosaur stories to Medway Public Library for “Dinovember” celebration! This will be Diane’s 3rd time performing for children and families at the Medway Library.  This event is free and open to the public. Registration with Medway Library is suggested.

View a short video trailer at this LINK!


These popular dinosaur adventures complement their scientific facts with a happy dose of humor. Dinosaur lovers of all ages will enjoy the colorful posters, Dinosaur Sign-Language and participation that keeps audiences engaged and asking for MOOORE! Two original stories are included. Pattysaurus in which selfish Patty becomes so obsessed with her dinosaur collection that she turns into a gigantic sauropod herself and Egg Mountain in which the audience helps out on this surprise filled journey that leads to the discovery of Egg Mountain and Maiasaura, the first dinosaur known to care for its young. Based on current scientific discoveries, this piece educates as it entertains.

CDs of Pattysaurus and Other Tales are available for purchase ~ Order Now!

“I wanted to thank you for both a wonderful performance of “Digging Dinos’ for our fundraiser, and for your shows at our elementary school. At the evening show I enjoyed watching the audience, who really didn’t know what to expect of a storyteller. They became mesmerized as you wove the tale for them. Rarely have I enjoyed a performance so much! Thank you for making our fundraiser a success and thank you for a great assembly program. I would highly recommend your performance to anyone; we look forward to your return to this area so we can once again enjoy your art!” Priscilla Gregory, Event Coordinator and President of PTO, Township of Warwick, Jamison, PA


This event is funded in full by the LCC, a local agency administered by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency.

Doorways to Empathy Workshop for Compassion Arts Festival @ Unity of Central MA, Worcester, MA
Dec 2 @ 12:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Diane brings “Doorways to Empathy” an afternoon workshop for those of Maple Farm Sanctuary and other animal caregivers. This workshop for animal rights advocates will help develop the stories that they carry so that their stories can continue their important work of compassionate understanding. After a potluck vegan dinner, the stories developed during the workshop will be part of an evening event along with Diane’s story “The Salmon of Wisdom.”

Doorways to Empathy: Storytelling and the Natural World

Shared experiences create empathy. Using the power of story ~ identification through a shared narrative ~ we discover ways to help audiences travel from an “it” to a “thou” model all the while sourcing our own stories about the natural world. This workshop uses a combination of lecture demonstration and active exercises sure to get everyone participating. This master-class is for teachers, nature workshop educators, naturalists, interpreters and all those who love the natural world.a


Unity is an spiritual community founded by Charles Filmore who originally intended it to be a vegetarian collective. It is interfaith and also has animal ministries and recognize compassion for animals and nature as equal to compassion for other humans. Unity of Central Mass was one of the first supporters of Compassion Arts festival.

Don’t miss the Compassionate Arts Festival on Saturday October 28th at Maple Farm Sanctuary, Holden MA

At Maple Farm we strive to treat both humans and non-humans as individuals who are worthy of compassion and respect, we pursue a vegan diet and a non-violent lifestyle and our stewardship of these 120 acres of beautiful Massachusetts farmland and wildlife habitat is a sacred trust.

In the words of those who run Maple Farm Sanctuary: “We have been in the process of converting what was once a multi-generational family farm into a refuge for many rescued animals who were neglected, abused or headed to slaughter. In taking on this challenging yet joyful work, we are both inspired and humbled. We ourselves once raised and sent to slaughter animals as a means of making a living. As a result of a profound change of consciousness, we now choose to see the world and animals in a very different light. We have dedicated our lives to completing our transformation from animal farmers to animal rescuers and caretakers, and to sharing what we have discovered along the way with as many people as possible.”

Winter Solstice in Story and Song @ Loring-Greenough House, Jamaica Plain, MA
Dec 23 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Join master storyteller Diane Edgecomb, harper Margot Chamberlain and multi-instrumentalist Tom Megan for a special one-hour matinee of the Winter Solstice in Story and Song at the Loring-Greenough House, in Jamaica Plain, MA. The event starts at 2 pm. Tickets are $20 for adults with special ticket pricing of $15 for ages 7-16. A brief gathering with free seasonal refreshments will be served after the performance.

wintersolsticeThe Winter Solstice in Story and Song 

This hour-long story and music event features Diane’s most popular Solstice tales, from the “Legend of the Mistletoe” to a traditional Wassail story where the whole audience joins in. Celtic harper Margot Chamberlain and multi-instrumentalist Tom Megan round out the event with songs, music and sing-alongs on harp, synthesizer and guitar.

Fairy Legends of Ireland @ Duxbury Free Library, Duxbury, MA
Mar 11 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Diane and Margot are bringing “Fairy Legends of Ireland” to Duxbury Free Library! This intergenerational performance joins together seniors and families with children 6 and above for a shared experience of Irish stories and songs leading up to St. Patrick’s Day. This will be Diane’s fourth time performing at the Duxbury Free Library. The event is free and open to the public. Sign-up is suggested at the library or online.

Master Storyteller Diane Edgecomb accompanied by Celtic harper Margot Chamberlain

There is plenty of laughter and delight in this animated retelling of Ireland’s best-loved gems including Irish favorites like Gilly Blackfoot where a young lad’s aversion to washinDianeEdgecombAccompaniedByMargotChamberlain-PhotoByStephenCicco-ForWebg his feet causes him to fall in with a fairy band. Cloaks of invisibility and magic spells abound as hapless Gilly sets out to help free the Princess of France. Known for her vivid comedic style, Diane brings delight to her interpretations of these classic Irish favorites. This performance is accompanied by Margot Chamberlain on Celtic harp.

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day and Irish culture in style with this captivating event.

Storyteller Wows Millicent Crowd: “Unfolded with zest and humor, the story captivated the audience which scarcely moved in the course of its telling. Proof, if any such were needed, that storytelling is as vital as ever, and is in good company in the presence of Diane Edgecomb and Margot Chamberlain.” ~ The Advocate, Fairhaven, MA


This event is funded in part by the LCC, a local agency administered by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency.


Keynote Speaker @ Granite State Story SWAP Festival, New Hampshire
May 5 @ 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Granite State Story Swap
Featured Speaker – Diane Edgecomb

Produced by New Hampshire Storytelling Alliance

Saturday, May 5, 2018
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Held at the beautiful: Seacoast Science Center
570 Ocean Boulevard
Odiorne Point State Park
Rye, NH

diane edgecomb - storyteller

“The Roots of Relationship: Storytelling and the Natural World”
Stories can illuminate the world of nature, holding it in the light in a very special way, enriching our lives and deepening our experience of the natural world. An awakening of compassion and fellow-feeling follows from these narrative journeys, whether they be mythic, folkloric, legendary or personal tale. Each way of telling casts a different light, reflecting and enabling relationships both age old and new that continue to evolve whenever we devote time and a place for them within our understanding.

Performance: Diane Edgecomb: The Salmon of Wisdom
A performance of nature-centric stories and songs with Oracle award-winning storyteller Diane Edgecomb accompanied by Margot Chamberlain on Celtic harp. Celebrate the natural world with all of its profundity and joy – deepening stories of unusual encounters with the natural world.

About the Featured Speaker –

Winner of the first Oracle Award for Storytelling Excellence in the Northeast, Diane is known for her evocative narratives, unique characterizations and for the passion and depth of her work whether myth, folkloric tale or personal story.

Featured at the National Storytelling Festival, the International Storytelling Center and on NPR, Diane’s transformational telling style, in which she fully embodies the tale, brings listeners into the heart of every moment. A gifted singer as well as a storyteller, Diane often brings a weave of music to complement her telling.

Publisher’s Weekly stated, “Edgecomb is a virtuoso of the spoken word…an entire cast rolled into one!”

Program Details

bird sculptures near lake in New HampshireThe cost for the entire day is $25 ($15 for members) which includes:

  • breakfast & lunch
  • admission to the keynote address
  • eight story swap groups
  • two storytelling concerts
  • parking fee

The morning begins at 8:00 am with registration and breakfast followed by some announcements and the keynote address at 9:00 am. This is followed by your first chance to tell your own story in the story swap circle.

Then who can resist the “free” lunch provided to us by our sponsors and board members? What a great time to get together and talk story.

Since the beginning, the afternoon concerts with multiple tellers have been a highlight.

This year there will be a concert of storytellers presenting stories, followed by story swap circles and ending with the closing concert featuring Diane Edgecomb.

Anyone wishing to attend only Diane’s afternoon concert can do so for a fee of $10 (no member discount). You can purchase tickets for this concert below or at the door on the day of the concert.

Hotel Information

Comfort Inn Portsmouth
1190 Lafayette Rd.
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Guests may call the hotel directly to secure their own reservations, and are responsible for their own room payment. The discounted room rate is TBA per room per night for one or two adults, one or two queen size beds.

There is an extra charge for more than two adults. Children stay free.

Hotel Amenities:

  • Hot breakfast buffet, 6-10 am each day, with sausage, eggs, fresh whole fruits, make-your-own waffles, yogurt, juices and more
  • All rooms have fridges, microwaves and free WiFi
  • 50′ indoor pool, hot tub and fitness center

Register Online for Granite State Story Swap

Register online to reserve your spot for the Granite State Story Swap and to purchase tickets for the event.

For more information, contact Lauretta Phillips at or phone: 603-735-5965

The mission of the NHSA is to promote the oral tradition of storytelling in the community in all its forms: traditional, creative, educational, cultural, personal, and therapeutic. Nurture family, community, and professional storytelling throughout New Hampshire.

Insect Comedy @ EcoTarium, Worcester, MA
Jul 19 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

The EcoTarium welcomes Diane’s “Insect Comedy” as part of their Summer 2018 Performance Series “Nature Explore: LIVE!” This event is free with admission to the EcoTarium. In case of rain, the performance will be moved indoors.

Children join in for Diane’s Insect Comedy!

Insect Comedy

WalkingStickOpen up your imaginations for a fun-filled look at our six-legged friends! Diane’s teaching tale, Kate’s Acorn, introduces us to a fast-talking earthworm, pill bug, and centipede as we find out about the importance of soil creatures in the life cycle of plants. This creative tale is complemented by Diane’s true stories about her encounters with Monarch Butterflies. Then, in the Japanese folktale Princess Firefly, entertaining facts are served up along with plenty of silliness as the Princess ponders, “Who will be the bug that I will love?” Hilarious renditions of the hapless suitors: Mr. Mosquito, Mr. Gnat and Felonious Moth keep us laughing as we take a closer look at the wonderful world of insects. Bugs, bees n’ wiggly critters will never be the same again!

“From the Academy’s point of view, the storytelling could not have worked better as a public program. The stories you told, captivated and fascinated our audience. I was impressed that they would not let you leave the stage without an encore performance. Diane your storytelling is fantastic!” Linda Wolf, Public Programs Coordinator, The Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, PA

Folktale Superheroes Around The World @ Southeast Steuben County Library, Corning, NY
Aug 9 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Diane performs Folktale Superheroes Around the World for families at Southeast Steuben County Library! This event is free and open to the public. Please call Southeast Steuben County Library at (607) 936-3713 for more information and sign-up.

Folktale Superheroes Around the World

Superheroes Around the World

What do China, Africa and South America all have in common? Superheroes!!!

Long before the Superheroes of today, people all over the world used their SUPER IMAGINATIONS to create folktales about creatures and people with extraordinary powers. Anansi the entertaining Spider God from Africa has web-spinning adventures just like Spiderman. He captures a leopard, hornets and the snake that swallows people so that all the stories in the world can be set free. Ninja Turtles have nothing on Jabuti the flute-playing tortoise from the Amazon rainforest! He saves the other rainforest animals from a giant monster while teaching the audience how to dance and sing. Tian, the Lord of the Cranes from China, gives to the poor just like Robin Hood. Celebrate our common love of story with these exciting and engaging multi-cultural tales.