A Thousand Doorways

Reflections on “A Thousand Doorways” from Kurdish community members from Diane Edgecomb on Vimeo.

A Thousand Doorways Upcoming Performances:

* March 22nd-24th at First Church, Boston; TICKET LINK!
* April 14th, 7:30 pm at the Ashkenaz Community Center, Berkely, California; TICKET LINK COMING- Save the date and check Diane’s calendar for updates!

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“Diane Edgecomb’s performance of A Thousand Doorways is a tour de force in every way. The story of her adventures in the Kurdish region of Turkey is courageous and deeply evocative, by turns terrifying, hilarious, enchanting and poignant. Her delivery of this incredible story is impeccable, bringing to life every character she meets with vivid style.

Diane in character as Old Kurdish Storyteller

Diane telling the Kurdish folktale: Eggs of the Ancient Tree

From her intrepid and entrepreneurial mountain guide, to the refugee boy who has lost his front teeth due to torture, to the feisty grandmother who spins magical ancient tales and then invites her to “skypee,” every person is unforgettable. A Thousand Doorways will leave you irrevocably and powerfully changed.”

Genevieve Aichele, Artistic Director, New Hampshire Theatre Project, Portsmouth, NH

Author of A Fire in My Heart, the first collection of Kurdish folktales to be published in English, Diane Edgecomb is also one of America’s leading storytellers, winner of the ORACLE award for Storytelling Excellence in the Northeast and five Storytelling World awards. “A storyteller in the grand tradition, Edgecomb is a virtuoso of the spoken word, an entire cast rolled into one.” Publisher’s Weekly.


View the video trailer on the performance and Diane’s Kurdish Storytelling Project

Kurdish Storytelling Project!: Diane’s ongoing efforts to continue to gather the vanishing folktales of the Kurds.

 A Fire in My Heart: Kurdish Tales, by Diane Edgecomb. The result of years of travels, gathering stories and ongoing meetings with Kurdish storytellers and scholars, “A Fire in My Heart” is the first book of Kurdish folktales to be published in English.

A Thousand Doorways– the official show Facebook page has additional videos, moments of interest, reviews and more!