A Thousand Doorways

An unexpected meeting with a young Kurdish refugee sets an American storyteller on a quest of danger and discovery to bring to the world the ancient legends of this oppressed culture. This deeply moving, richly humorous story takes us to the remote mountains of Turkish-Kurdistan in search of the last Kurdish storytellers as we encounter the extraordinary people who shared their lives and stories with her.

 “There’s one world, a thousand doorways.” Kurdish saying

This riveting one woman performance by author, theatre artist and storyteller Diane Edgecomb tells of her decades-long quest to gather the vanishing folkloric tales of the Kurds of Turkey, a people forbidden by law to speak or write their native language. Diane’s performance traces the journey from her first meetings with Kurdish refugees to her decision to find and record the last Kurdish storytellers in their remote mountain villages, places usually forbidden to outsiders. Her project resulted in A Fire in My Heart: the first collection of Kurdish folktales ever to be published in English. Along with legends from her book and slides of the region Diane recounts anecdotes and enacts scenes depicting the brave and unusual people who shared their lives and their stories with her.

A Thousand Doorways, the true account of Diane’s travels among the Kurds of Turkey, has been presented at the prestigious United Solo Theatre Festival in New York City, as part of the “That’s What She Said” – women’s voices series at Central Square Theater in Cambridge, MA and in the summer of 2016 it was part of Gloucester Stage Company’s Never Dark series. A Thousand Doorways also tours to colleges and universities and festivals throughout the US.