Doorways to Empathy Workshop for Compassion Arts Festival

December 2, 2017 @ 12:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Unity of Central MA, Worcester, MA

Diane brings “Doorways to Empathy” an afternoon workshop for those of Maple Farm Sanctuary and other animal caregivers. This workshop for animal rights advocates will help develop the stories that they carry so that their stories can continue their important work of compassionate understanding. After a potluck vegan dinner, the stories developed during the workshop will be part of an evening event along with Diane’s story “The Salmon of Wisdom.”

Doorways to Empathy: Storytelling and the Natural World

Shared experiences create empathy. Using the power of story ~ identification through a shared narrative ~ we discover ways to help audiences travel from an “it” to a “thou” model all the while sourcing our own stories about the natural world. This workshop uses a combination of lecture demonstration and active exercises sure to get everyone participating. This master-class is for teachers, nature workshop educators, naturalists, interpreters and all those who love the natural world.a


Unity is an spiritual community founded by Charles Filmore who originally intended it to be a vegetarian collective. It is interfaith and also has animal ministries and recognize compassion for animals and nature as equal to compassion for other humans. Unity of Central Mass was one of the first supporters of Compassion Arts festival.

Don’t miss the Compassionate Arts Festival on Saturday October 28th at Maple Farm Sanctuary, Holden MA

At Maple Farm we strive to treat both humans and non-humans as individuals who are worthy of compassion and respect, we pursue a vegan diet and a non-violent lifestyle and our stewardship of these 120 acres of beautiful Massachusetts farmland and wildlife habitat is a sacred trust.

In the words of those who run Maple Farm Sanctuary: “We have been in the process of converting what was once a multi-generational family farm into a refuge for many rescued animals who were neglected, abused or headed to slaughter. In taking on this challenging yet joyful work, we are both inspired and humbled. We ourselves once raised and sent to slaughter animals as a means of making a living. As a result of a profound change of consciousness, we now choose to see the world and animals in a very different light. We have dedicated our lives to completing our transformation from animal farmers to animal rescuers and caretakers, and to sharing what we have discovered along the way with as many people as possible.”

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