Storytelling Workshops for Compassion Arts Festival, Mendon, MA

October 24, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Maple Farm Sanctuary
101 North Ave
Mendon, MA 01756

This October, Diane brings a series of storytelling workshops to animal rights advocates so that the sharing of their stories can continue the important work of compassionate understanding. The stories will be part of the Compassion Arts Festival that will include the unveiling of a new mural at Maple Farm Sanctuary.


At Maple Farm Sanctuary, we strive to treat both humans and non-humans as individuals who are worthy of compassion and respect, where we pursue a vegan diet and a non-violent lifestyle and where our stewardship of these 120 acres of beautiful Massachusetts farmland and wildlife habitat is a sacred trust.

We have been in the process of converting what was once a multi-generational family farm into a refuge for many rescued animals who were neglected, abused or headed to slaughter. In taking on this challenging yet joyful work, we are both inspired and humbled. We ourselves once raised and sent to slaughter animals as a means of making a living. As a result of a profound change of consciousness, we now choose to see the world and animals in a very different light. We have dedicated our lives to completing our transformation from animal farmers to animal rescuers and caretakers, and to sharing what we have discovered along the way with as many people as possible.

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