Diane has had the pleasure of performing at hundreds of venues – some of which are well documented! To see her in action take a look at her videos, to hear a story go to podcasts, or flip through her image gallery to get a sense of her style.


Watch Diane in action with videos featuring Twilight of the Stones, Deirdre of the Sorrows, and The Old Apple Tree


Twilight of the Stones: a true ghost story about the Standing Stones of Avebury, England; Three Apples Storytelling Festival, Harvard, MA


Deirdre of the Sorrows: one of Ireland’s most beloved love stories retold from the ancient myths Diane Edgecomb, score by Tom Megan, Celtic harp accompaniment and arrangements by Margot Chamberlain, at Charlestown Working Theater, Charlestown, MA



The Old Apple Tree: adapted with permission from “The Three Apples” by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey by Diane Edgecomb accompanied by Celtic harper Margot Chamberlain at Three Apples Storytelling Festival, Harvard, MA


Enjoy images from the National Storytelling Festival October 2013 featuring the performances: Forbidden Stories, Twilight of Stones and Once in a Lifetime Events.


Diane Edgecomb at the National Storytelling Festival October 2013.

Diane Edgecomb accompanied by Margot Chamberlain at Haru-Matsuri Japanese Spring Festival ~ Spring 2012, Copley Square, Boston

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Recording2Listen to podcasts Diane’s podcasts including “Here Women Tell” Radio and “The Art of Storytelling.”

CATCH DIANE ON HERE WOMEN TELL RADIO! Diane was featured on “Here Women Tell” radio. The conversation with host Kris Hillenburg covers life choices, how Diane came to storytelling, her work with nature mythology, plus a sharing of some of Diane’s original true story “The Salmon of Wisdom.” Here Women Tell: Diane’s archive is Number 17

“THE ART OF STORYTELLING” PODCAST! Diane’s featured segment on Brother Wolf’s acclaimed Art of Storytelling Series, focuses on place-based nature storytelling. Diane Edgecomb on the Art of Storytelling

A professional singer as well as a storyteller – in this clip you can hear Diane sing La Vie En Rose accompanied by Tom Megan on accordion. No visuals! Just enjoy the music.