Diane’s storytelling assemblies engage even the most reluctant students in core-curriculum topics, proving once again that story is the shortest route to imaginative learning.

Download a PDF with descriptions of all of Diane’s Elementary School performances

Enhance your student’s experience with a follow-up master class in storytelling techniques. Students learn about the power of their own imaginations through hands-on exercises sure to have everyone participating. By the end of the workshop, each student is retelling a folktale to a partner an English core-curriculum requirement!

School Workshop and Residencies Descriptions

Recognized nationally as a leader in the use of storytelling for nature education and environmental awareness, these performances have been favorites at schools, festivals and nature centers.


Digging Dinosaurs

These popular dinosaur adventures complement their scientific facts with a happy dose of humor.


Rainforest Legends

Folktales and Songs celebrate the birds and animals of Rainforest lands from Africa to the Amazon.


Tales for the Earth

Explore Water Conservation, Recycling and Habitat Protection with Diane’s fun, educational and original tales.


Insect Comedy

Insect Comedy takes a delightful look at our six-legged friends as seen through the lens of folktales and original stories.


Night Lights

Entertaining folktales drawn from cultures around the world tell of the origin of significant constellations and other “night lights.”

Diane has delved deeply into the cultures represented here. Each performance takes a unique look at their special qualities as seen through the eyes of their stories and myths.


Folktale Superheroes!

What do the folktales of China, Africa and South America all have in common? Superheroes!!!


Native American Nature Tales

From the humorous to the evocative, Diane’s unique collection of nature oriented tales brings to life native legends.


Tales of Enchantment

Diane brings to life best-loved fairy tales from Europe, Ireland and England.

A Fire in My Heart: Kurdish Folktales

Author of the first collection of Kurdish folktales in English, Diane’s performance introduces students to this pivotal Middle Eastern culture.


Fairy Legends of Ireland

Fairy stories and music from the Emerald Isle – accompanied by Diane’s long time collaborator Margot Chamberlain on Celtic harp


Join In

Multi- Cultural Story/Songs from around the world encourage everyone to join-in!

No matter what the time of year, you can find a reason to celebrate with one of Diane’s acclaimed storytelling performances. These programs are especially suited for early elementary and younger age ranges.


Tall Fall Tales

This charming performance dovetails early elementary curriculum: fall colors, the star in the apple and a girl who just can’t sit still.

Once Upon a Wintertime

Once Upon A Wintertime

These tales of wintertime magic are drawn from cultures ranging from the Grimm’s tale of “Snow White and Rose Red” to stories of folksy New England escapades.


Welcome in the Spring

This program weaves together the best of spring folklore, nature tales and contemporary stories to create the perfect accompaniment for this joyful season.


Summer Escapades

End your school year on an UP note and celebrate the great outdoors with this fun-filled performance featuring some of Diane’s best-loved nature stories.


Once Upon a Halloween

Diane brings humor, suspense and a cultural emphasis to elementary school audiences for this season of disguises and trickery exploring the Celtic origin of Halloween.