Once Upon a Halloween

Stirring the Halloween performance cauldronThis Best-loved Halloween performance is perfect for families and elementary school events! What would Halloween be without some chillin’ tales for the spookiest time of the year and a huge cauldron bubbling over with fog for the last dramatic story! Diane brings humor, suspense and a cultural emphasis to elementary school audiences in school or at a school-wide family event for this season of disguises and trickery. Stories include “Stingy Jack” on why we carve pumpkins exploring the Celtic origin of the Jack O’Lantern. Enjoy great new Halloween stories full of surprises!

“Thank you again for a wonderful Halloween performance. The children were engaged whether laughing or quivering! As everyone was leaving I heard nothing but praise and positive comments. You are a master of your craft!” Anne Vantram Children’s Librarian, East Bridgewater Public Library, East Bridgewater, MA