Insect Comedy

See the world of BUGS in a whole new way with Diane’s fun-filled stories. In her original tale, Kate’s Acorn, we meet a fast-talking earthworm, pill bug, and centipede all the while learning about the importance of soil creatures in the life cycle of plants. This creative tale is complemented by Diane’s true anecdotes about her encounters with Monarch Butterflies. In the lighthearted Japanese folktale, Princess Firefly, entertaining facts are served up along with plenty of silliness as the young Princess wonders, “Who will be the bug that I will love?” Mr. Mosquito, Mr. Gnat and Felonious Moth all try their luck, keeping us laughing as we take a closer look at the wonderful world of insects. Bugs, bees n’ wiggly critters will never be the same again!

“From the Academy’s point of view, the storytelling could not have worked better as a public program. The stories you told, captivated and fascinated our audience. I was impressed that they would not let you leave the stage without an encore performance. Diane your storytelling is fantastic!” Linda Wolf, Public Programs Coordinator, The Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, PA