Folktale Superheroes!

Superheroes Around the World

Want to know a fun fact about Superheroes? The Superheroes of today are based on folkloric characters from long ago! Long before the Superheroes of today, people used their SUPER IMAGINATIONS to create folktales about beings with extraordinary powers who also passed on important lessons and values and always used their extraordinary powers for the good of all. From Anansi the entertaining Spider God from Africa who has web-spinning adventures just like Spiderman to Tian, the Lord of the Cranes from China who gives to the poor like Robin Hood cultures around the world have always delighted in stories about good triumphing over wrong. Ninja Turtles stand back! Jabuti the flute-playing tortoise from the Amazon has a series of adventures too. He even saves all the rainforest animals from a one-eyed, four-armed monster while teaching the audience how to sing a joyful song. Celebrate our common love of story with these exciting and engaging multi-cultural tales.

This entertaining performance is a wonderful adjunct to English language curriculum, celebrating diversity and at the same time illustrating how folkloric characters and plots have the same themes as today’s superhero adventures.

“Diane’s skill in movements, mime and voice all provided an indelible variety to her performance. Her storytelling was full of humor and rich characterizations that kept the …children grasping for more and participating to their heart’s content” The Woonsocket Call, Woonsocket, RI