Tales for the Earth

This beloved performance celebrates nature and all the simple things we can do to make a difference. Wonderfully entertaining and yet rich in its “care full” message, Tales for the Earth includes Diane’s original tale What Now, Cloacina?, the hilarious story of a water sprite who travels through the entire sewage system as well as the water cycle in search of what happened to her reservoir! For older audiences the performance includes The Boy Who Loved the Marsh, the true story of a 5th Grader who preserved a favorite nature spot from development. What shines through the entire interactive storytelling is a love and respect for our place in nature; with many ideas communicated about how we can make a difference.

“Diane- Thank you for adding your magic to our Earth Day celebration this past weekend. We had over 1100 happy visitors that day, which is wonderful. You were so amazing with your messages and your dramatic “art.” Thank you for coming!”Bonnie Drexler, New England Wildflower Society

“Dear Diane, Thank you so much for coming to Parkview School this fall! Your ‘Tales for the Earth’ were a complete hit with all of the students (and teachers!) Happy Holidays!” ~ Parkview P.A.C., North Easton, MA