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Tales of the Supernatural


Just in time for Halloween, Diane opens up the doors to the supernatural with this unusual collection of tales & songs. The performance features a true ghost story Edgecomb collected about the misshapen standing stones of Avebury, England and the eerie forces that emanate from them. The performance has a decidedly Celtic slant, exploring Gaelic traditions influencing Halloween including a humorous encounter with the devil that resulted in the first Jack O’Lantern.

“Your version of the Halloween tale, “Company” is truly a work of art. I love to watch you go from that sweet, sweet old lady to that cigar-chompin’ dockworker who talks out of the side of his face. You do it in the twinkling of an eye, and during that twinkling, you play the harp!! I could watch you do that piece 10 or 15 times in a row!!” Carolyn Martino, event producer, Rhode Island.


A Fire in My Heart

Diane celebrates the richness of the Kurdish storytelling tradition in this storytelling performance drawn from her ground-breaking book, A Fire in My Heart: Kurdish Tales.  Legends that will be shared include “Fatima,” the Kurdish Cinderella story, “The Lie” a humorous tale of a lying contest between an Uncle and his nephew and the unusual Kurdish fairy tale adventure, “Zay Tree and Tay Falcon.”  Each tale is introduced with the backstory of the meeting with the storytellers and with others who are working to preserve this cultural heritage. A slide show of Diane’s travels in the Kurdish region of Turkey as well as tales from this unusual story collecting journey round out the performance.


The Salmon of Wisdom

This inspiring performance is especially for those who love the natural world. The show begins with Diane’s original story “Freddie and the Loon from Maine”, a humorous rhyming tale of a New York cabbie who travels ‘up North’ in search of a loon. He “finds a LOON Motel that is on a LOON Lake, but the word ain’t the bird…” and onward he must go! Lots of backwoods Maine humor ensues as this greenhorn cabbie tries to reconnect with the wild. This piece is complemented with “The Salmon of Wisdom” ~ a true tale of a revelatory journey along California’s Pacific Coast ~ a moving story of the deep beauty and mystery of nature.

“No one worked more magic than you, Diane. You were one shining light! From the time you stepped onto the Gathering stage, you held the audience spellbound.” ~ Peg O’ Sullivan, Festival Director, Connecticut Storytelling Center, Connecticut College

Storytelling and Musical Concerts
accompanied by long time collaborator Celtic Harpist Margot Chamberlain

A Celtic Evening

In A Celtic Evening, Diane brings to life Ireland’s storytelling treasures from the humorous Legend of Knockgrafton to the hauntingly beautiful Deirdre of the Sorrows. The most famous of all Irish romances, Deirdre weaves together Druidic prophecies with a forbidden passion so profound it dares to defy the fates. The performance is set against a lush background of harp music: original and traditional melodies played by the versatile Margot Chamberlain on a variety of Celtic folk harps. Enjoy an evening of humor, passion and music with these two inspiring performers.

“Thoughtfully composed and beautifully presented, A Celtic Evening was a joy for us all. The combination of both your talents made for an inspirational evening that moved the audience to laughter and to tears, and left us with a feeling that magic was in the air.” Stephanie Plunkett, Events, Norman Rockwell Museum

“I’m still getting positive feedback examples: ‘Best thing I ever heard on campus.’ ‘Let’s make it an annual event’ etc.., Joan Laxon, Professor of Anthropology and Folklore, Pine Manor College

rose - salmon elizabeth park by Ginny MazurThe Language of Flowers

In this enchanting performance master storyteller Diane Edgecomb brings to life the legends that surround favorite garden flowers revealing the deep meaning cultures around the world have found in them. The centerpiece of the performance is the Persian legend of the Nightingale and Rose. Diane’s original adaptation of this exotic legend follows the journey of the rose through the ages, weaving together the heartfelt myths that surround it.

Many other flowers are celebrated in this story and music event, including Native American myths and the mysterious “language of flowers” that was celebrated in Victorian times. Accompanied by harper Margot Chamberlain, the performance has music throughout and features story melodies, songs and Celtic harp interludes. Diane’s humorous retelling of Sir Gawain and the Loathly Lady rounds out the program and answers the age old question: What do Women Desire the Most in the World?

“You brought my garden alive to me in the most unusual and delightful way. I will never see a rose in the same way again!” Audience member- Pomperaug Woods, 2015

I want to thank you for bringing your performance to our Wellfleet Gardeners meeting. Your music and storytelling were beautifully done and everyone enjoyed your presentation. I loved the storytelling and was happy to know that other people responded in a similar way. Thanks and we all hope to see you again. Judith Dalmas, President, Wellfleet Gardeners.


Diane Edgecomb and Margot Chamberlain at the Arnold Arboretum Photo by Pamela Ruby RussellIn the Groves

This story and music event celebrates the deep spirit of trees with an exquisitely crafted collection of myths, folktales and songs from around the world.  Pieces include Kansakura a delicate tale of love featuring the cherry trees of Japan, The Dancing Spirit of the Birch from Czechoslovakia and Three Green Ladies, a poignant legend about the ancient tree spirits of Cornwall, England. Refreshing and lyrical each piece is surrounded by evocative music from the culture, Celtic harp and song.

“It was one of the most moving storytelling nights I’ve experienced. It reawakened in me, and perhaps all of us there, a sense of the spirit in things.” Storyteller, Jay O’Callahan

“I’ve heard this performance twice and can’t recommend it highly enough. It is magical, it is musical, it is beautiful, it is soulful, it is perfection.” Bambi Good, Brookline, MA

Midsummer Magic

Drawn from cultures all over the world, Midsummer’s Magic is a story and music celebration of nature at the time of the Summer Solstice. This delightful and entertaining performance brings alive Celtic, Czech, English, Japanese and Australian legends of tree-spirits, fireflies and magical transformations.

Midsummer’s Eve is traditionally a time of magic when the luminous world of fairies can join with our own. In this unforgettable story and music event master storyteller Diane Edgecomb and Celtic Harper Margot Chamberlain take us to the heart of the season on the wings of story and song.

The Winter Solstice in Legend and Song

Award winning performer Diane Edgecomb accompanied by Celtic harpist Margot Chamberlain and multi-instrumentalist Tom Megan offers a fascinating look at the stories behind our holiday traditions. Classic evergreen lore, haunting legends of light and entertaining tales are surrounded by traditional and original music and song. The beautiful Legend of the Mistletoe from Scandinavian folklore, humorous Wassail traditions from England, and the poignant Greek legend of The Halcyon Days of Peace are just a few of the stories. Songs and sing-along moments evocative of the season, a traditional wassail bowle and lovely instrumental melodies on Celtic harp and synthesizer round out the event. The Winter Solstice can be either a one-hour or two-hour event with an intermission.

“What a fabulous performance! The stories were fascinating and the music was beautiful we had so many people stop by to say how much they enjoyed it. It was the perfect way to start off the winter season.’ Liz Bailey  Morse Institute Library, Natick, MA

The compliments I heard as we filed out for intermission may have burned your ears: ‘so amazingly talented’, ‘versatile’, ‘drew us right in’, ‘we were THERE’, ‘funny and so expressive’, …and you made it all look so fun and easy.” Liz Gruber, Hartford, CT

New Age Gawain and the Green Knight

The stakes are high for Arthur’s men’s group when into their midst hurtles a Green Man on a bungee cord brandishing a battle-axe and delivering an ancient macho challenge. Then a mysterious headless rider gallops off, taunting Gawain to follow. But the greatest fun comes when three seductive feminine archetypes use their wiles in an attempt to corrupt Gawain’s New Age virtue. Welcome to New Age Gawain and the Green Knight, a hilarious modernization of the 14th century classic. Edgecomb’s comedic adaptation has Arthurian knights heading for the therapist’s couch faster than you can say “LITIGATION!” Tom Megan’s score and Margot Chamberlain’s inspired harp accompaniment provide a lush atmosphere of sound as we take a fun-filled journey along the ‘road less traveled by.’

“Humorous and entertaining parody.” Booklist Magazine