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rose - salmon elizabeth park by Ginny MazurThe Language of Flowers

A delightful weave of story, music and song that brings to life the dramatic myths that surround favorite garden flowers.

This delightful weave of story, music and song brings alive the dramatic myths that surround our favorite garden flowers. A master storyteller, Diane entertains and enchants transforming into the characters in her tales bringing each story to vibrant life. The centerpiece of the performance is the Persian legend of The Nightingale and Rose. Diane’s original adaptation follows this exotic love story through the ages weaving together myths from many cultures that speak of the rose and its origins. Flower tales from many lands include that of the lamentable Narcissus flower and the Ojibway Native American story about the Dandelion. The performance is completed by elegant harp accompaniment by Margot Chamberlain, songs, Celtic harp interludes and entertaining pieces about the mysterious “Language of Flowers,” celebrated in Victorian times. Celebrate flowers and the stories that have been told about them through the ages with this enchanting performance.

“You brought my garden alive to me in the most unusual and delightful way. I will never see a rose in the same way again!” Audience member- Pomperaug Woods, 2015

“I want to thank you for bringing your performance to our Wellfleet Gardeners meeting. Your music and storytelling were beautifully done and everyone enjoyed your presentation. I loved the storytelling and was happy to know that other people responded in a similar way. Thanks and we all hope to see you again. Judith Dalmas, President, Wellfleet Gardeners.


The Salmon of Wisdom

This inspiring performance is for all those who love the natural world. Featuring Diane’s upbeat original tale “Freddie and the Loon from Maine,” a humorous, rhyming story of a New York cabbie who heads North in search of the wild and her beautiful original story: “The Salmon of Wisdom” the true tale of a revelatory journey along California’s Pacific Coast a moving story that celebrates the deep beauty and mystery of nature.

“No one worked more magic than you, Diane. You were one shining light! From the time you stepped onto the Gathering stage, you held the audience spellbound.”  Peg O’ Sullivan, Festival Director, Connecticut Storytelling Center


The Winter Solstice in Story and Song

Celebrate the Winter Solstice with classic evergreen lore, haunting legends of light and entertaining tales surrounded by traditional and original music and song. Featured stories include the beautiful Legend of the Mistletoe from Scandinavia, humorous English Wassail traditions, and the poignant Greek legend The Halcyon Days of Peace. Master storyteller Diane Edgecomb accompanied by multi-instrumentalist Tom Megan and Celtic harper Margot Chamberlain offers a fascinating look at the stories behind our holiday traditions. Songs evocative of the season and lovely instrumental melodies round out the event. The Winter Solstice in Story and Song is also available as a one-hour performance event.

Praise for The Winter Solstice in Story and Song:

“Ms. Edgecomb is a true artist, able to evoke humor, heartbreak, or the joy of first love by her voice and manner. She can take on the personality and body language of an old man, a maiden, an ancient god, or an ox… She is a talented showman.” Valerie Hadden, Boston Pagan Examiner
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“What a fabulous performance! The stories were fascinating and the music was beautiful we had so many people stop by to say how much they enjoyed it. It was the perfect way to start off the winter season.’ Liz Bailey  Morse Institute Library, Natick, MA

“The Winter Solstice in Legend and Song received rave reviews from our members. The unique blend of storytelling and music was very well-received by all. We would be pleased to be added to your list of references.” Lincoln Garden Club, Lincoln, MA


A Celtic Evening

Diane brings to life Ireland’s storytelling treasures from the humorous Legend of Knockgrafton to the hauntingly beautiful Deirdre of the Sorrows. The most famous of all Irish romances, Deirdre weaves together Druidic prophecies with a forbidden passion so profound it dares to defy the fates. The story is set to a dramatic score by Tom Megan with original and traditional melodies played by the versatile Margot Chamberlain on a variety of Celtic folk harps. Enjoy an evening of humor, passion and music with these two inspiring performers.

“Thoughtfully composed and beautifully presented, A Celtic Evening was a joy for us all. The combination of both your talents made for an inspirational evening that moved the audience to laughter and to tears, and left us with a feeling that magic was in the air.” Director of programming, Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge MA

“Publisher’s Weekly  said it best when they stated: ‘A storyteller in the grand tradition, Edgecomb is a virtuoso of the spoken word.’ She has been researching, studying, collecting and telling Celtic stories for 20 or more years and it shows…mentally and emotionally we were wherever storyteller, Ms. Edgecomb, transported us to be, while Ms. Chamberlain and her Celtic Harp made us feel at home there.” article in the Ashland Tab


Midsummer Magic

This delightful summertime performance brings to life ancient legends of transformation, tree-spirits and fireflies from cultures around the world. Midsummer is traditionally a time of magic when the fairy world can meet our own. Accompanied by harper Margot Chamberlain, master storyteller Diane Edgecomb brings us to this liminal world of twilight and beauty. This captivating event features stories and songs that speak of the deep meaning to be found in the natural world. The one-hour performance is suitable for adults and an older family audience.

“We are still experiencing the afterglow of serenity after Tuesday evening’s performance. It was Spectacular!” K.S. Director of programming, Thayer Library, Lancaster, MA.


Tales of the Supernatural

Diane opens up the doors to the supernatural with a riveting performance of true tales & folkloric stories including “Twilight of the Stones” a true ghost story about the eerie force that emanates from the standing stones of Avebury, England and “Feline Terror” in which every Halloween superstition comes home to roost. Black cats abound in this cautionary tale for pet-lovers as Diane battles the neighborhood Tom-cat bully amidst the local trick or treat parade. Fun, frightening and a wee bit historical “Tales of the Supernatural” has a decidedly Celtic slant, delving into the Gaelic folktales behind our Halloween customs including the devilish encounter that created the first Jack O’Lantern.

“Your Halloween tale is truly a work of art. I love to watch you go from that sweet, sweet old lady to that cigar-chompin’ dockworker who talks out of the side of his face. You do it in the twinkling of an eye, and during that twinkling, you play the harp!” Carolyn Martino, event producer, Rhode Island