Jola Cynkutis

  • Initiated into the theatre in 1975 by Zbigniew Cynkutis, member of Grotowski’s Laboratory Theatre and founder of the Second Studio of Wroclaw. Since his demise she has continued to use, develop and extend this teaching.
  • Worked as an actress, leader of training and director at the Second Studio until its closure in 1989. Performed a number of important roles – most notably that of Io in Prometheus.
  • Was member of the theatre company Sekta founded by former director of The Theatre of the Eighth Day, Lech Raczak, and performed in Orbius Tertius. Performed also in Raczak’s Stone and Suffering and Easy Dying.
  • Created her own solo performance, Mona Rogers in Person, based on the text of Philip Dimitri Galas in 1996 while working at the Teatr Polski in Poznan (1995-1998). This has been widely performed in Poland where it received several awards: Jury Prize, Festival of Solo Performance, Torun; Festival of Theatres of Solo Performance and Small Forms, Wroclaw; Special Prize, National Festival, Bydgoszcz. She has also performed this in Germany and the Czech Republic. An English version has been shown in Tokyo and in India.
  • Has directed a number of productions, taught, led acting workshops and international projects in Poland, Germany, Great Britain, Belgium Italy, the United States, Japan and India.
  • Founder member of Antrakt Theatre Association, Poznan.
  • Led training and work towards production with the Theatre Trust Company near Hampi in Karnataka.
  • Acted in the film Beowolf directed by Tom Kingdon.
  • With Khalid Tyabji wrote a book comprising the writings of Zbigniew Cynkutis, on performance, and on developing principles of theatre pedagogy.