Pattysaurus and Other Tales

“Edgecomb has put her heart and soul into this trio of stories, and it shows: there’s a whole lot of good listening on this CD.” – Publisher’s Weekly review

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The Old Apple Tree:

Princess Firefly:

Price: $15.00 (includes shipping & handling). This CD contains three story selections.

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Pattysaurus is a humorous family fable about sibling rivalry and dinosaur mania. Patty becomes so obsessed with dinosaurs that she turns into a giant sauropod herself.

The lyrical tale of The Old Apple Tree tells about a boy’s friendship with his favorite climbing tree and the origin of the star inside of every apple. Celtic harp accompanies the song of the wind as it asks three different children if they can find the hidden treasure of the Old Apple Tree.

Princess Firefly Diane’s lighthearted adaptation of this Japanese folktale features hilarious insect characters. Princess Firefly sends her suitors on a quest for the light of the stars in exchange for her love.

Credits: Adaptations and the original story, ‘Pattysaurus,’ are by Diane Edgecomb, ‘The Old Apple Tree’ is based on the story ‘The Three Apples’ by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey from her book, Favorite Stories for the Children’s Hour. It is featured in this CD with permission from the publisher. Margot Chamberlain accompanies the tales on Celtic harp along with Tom Megan on keyboards and synthesizer.


WINNER: Honors Award from Storytelling World Magazine, 1996
RECOMMENDED: Elementary School Library Collection, 21st Edition, 1998


Publishers Weekly; Children’s Audio/Video Reviews, Spoken Word: (Ages 4-8) “A storyteller in the grand tradition, Edgecomb is a virtuoso of the spoken word, possessed of an elastic range and energetic delivery. With her stable of character voices, in fact, she qualifies as an entire cast rolled into one. The humorous original title story features a selfish, ungrateful wretch of a child who is so obsessed with dinosaurs that she eventually turns into one (like all good fables, there is a happy ending). Edgecomb shifts gears for “The Old Apple Tree”,a more contemplative tale of continuity and renewal accompanied by a lyrical original song and the gentle strains of a Celtic harp. Finally, “Princes Firefly,” based on a Japanese folktale, serves up plenty of silliness as it answers the royal insect’s query, “Who will be the bug I will love?” Edgecomb has put her heart and soul into this trio of stories, and it shows: there’s a whole lot of good listening on this CD.”

School Library Journal: ...Each of these tales is entertaining and enlightening. Whole language integration can be facilitated with this tape. Curricular units for primary grades…are dinosaurs, insects, and apples or harvest… Edgecomb’s enthusiastic and creative voice makes every tale lively… Although designed for individual listening, groups and classes would benefit from listening together.”

Booklist: (Ages 5-9) “Diane spins an offbeat, truly entertaining tale about nasty little Patty. The little girls obsession with dinosaurs causes her to actually turn into one of them, wreaking havoc on her family’s life. Eventually, Patty’s hard-learned lesson brings about a positive behavior change, much to the relief of her parents and sibling. Side two features a gentle tale about an old apple tree and an amusing adaptation of the Japanese tale “Princess Firefly.” Edgecomb’s telling is just as expressive in both these selections. Background sound effects and musical accompaniment complement all three selections. A highly entertaining offering from a talented storyteller.”

ISBN 0-9651669-0-2 48 min ©1995, 2006 Living Myth Audio All rights reserved.