About Diane Edgecomb

One of the most versatile voices in storytelling today, Diane’s startling adaptations of traditional tales arch from a rollicking “New Age” version of Gawain and the Green Knight to classics like the Irish myth Deirdre of the Sorrows. Her dynamic style of telling, in which she fully embodies the characters and scenes, bringing each moment alive, won her the first national ORACLE AWARD for Storytelling Excellence in the Northeast. Publisher’s Weekly called Diane, “…a virtuoso of the spoken word…an entire cast rolled into one!” Whether exploring folktales, ancient myths, original stories or personal tales, Diane’s beautifully articulated pieces and “embodied telling” bring the listener straight into the heart of the story. A featured teller on NPR and winner of a Year’s Best Performance award for her theater work in Boston, Diane’s storytelling has been featured at prestigious venues throughout the country for over twenty-five years. She has been an invited teller to the National Storytelling Festival and the International Storytelling Center and is the author of A Fire in My Heart, the first book of Kurdish folktales ever to be published in English.

Aside from classic adaptations of myths and legends, Diane has created numerous original stories including the award-winning family fable Pattysaurus about a dinosaur maniac named Patty, Freddie and the Loon from Maine an upbeat rhyming tale of a New York cabbie who goes in search of a loon, and What Now, Cloacina?!!‘ a water conservation tale which has been published in story collections in America, Canada and England. Her personal stories include The Salmon of Wisdom and  A Thousand Doorways which chronicles her journeys in the Kurdish region of Turkey, gathering stories in remote mountain villages

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Current Projects

More information on Diane’s work with the storytelling tradition of the Kurds of Turkey, her current Cynkutis Book Project and Living Myth Events.



Past Performances

This list of previous performances includes a slide show of Diane performing at Haru-Matsuri Spring Festival in Copley Square, Boston.