A Thousand Doorways

“There is one world, but a thousand doorways.” ~Kurdish Proverb

A Thousand Doorways: Journey among the Kurds of Turkey, is the true account of Diane’s decade long quest to document the vanishing folkloric tales of the Kurds of Turkey. The performance takes us on an exotic journey from Diane’s first humorous meetings with carpet dealers and chain-smoking octogenarians to her travels up sheer mountain passes to the remote Kurdish villages usually forbidden to outsiders.

Read more about Diane’s journey to the Kurdish region which resulted in the first collection of Kurdish folktales ever to be published in English.


Cynkutis Book Project

Zbigniew Cynkutis as Faust - Teatr Laboratorium, Wroclaw, PolandThis upcoming book will be an account of the last workshop given by Zbigniew Cynkutis in the United States before he returned to his native Poland to form Drugie Studio (Second Studio) in the former Polish Laboratory Theatre space in Wroclaw, Poland. Material for the book is drawn from extensive audiocassettes of the workshop, remembrances and from detailed notes made at the time.


Living Myth Events

Living Myth Events bring together ancient myths and modern landscapes to create new and vital intersections of Myth and Life. Events have taken place in such unexpected locations as the Boston subway system (Millennium LabyrinTh)- co-created with Mari Novotny-Jones and Ean White, and in the groves of the Arnold Arboretum. The visual symbol for Living Myth is a Turtle flown across the mountains on the wings of Birds. Signifying the importance of keeping the ancient truths and wisdom found in the old mythologies and carrying them with us into this new millennium.