Diane Edgecomb leading Voice Workshop Diane’s innovative workshops are inspirational! Those new to storytelling are helped to discover their unique voice while seasoned professionals develop new skills to enhance their work.

Diane Leads Storytelling WorkshopThe Art and Craft of Storytelling

Seasoned storytellers and beginners alike benefit from Diane’s hands-on storytelling workshops. Learn techniques for vocal expressiveness, discover how to create believable characters and enliven your narrative and story-making abilities. Experience the Power of Story!

Storytelling in Nature Education

For over a decade, Diane has been a leader in developing innovative ways to link storytelling and the natural world, these workshops are especially for nature, science and environmental educators.

Diane Edgecomb, Elementary School, WorkshopsElementary School Workshops and Residencies

Diane leads workshops for classroom educators and for students themselves.

Individual Coaching

Diane leads one-on-one private coaching for those wishing to develop their storytelling skills and enhance stage-presence. Sessions focus on problem solving for upcoming performance pieces and developing the full expressive potential of each individual.