Follow-up Workshop:

julian-telling-storyRetelling a folktale is part of the English core curriculum and with Diane’s follow-up workshop you can give teachers and students all the tools they need for success. After a performance in which Diane demonstrates the storytelling art, students receive a master class in how to tell a story. They also learn the power of their own imagination through hands-on exercises sure to get everyone participating. By the end, students are re-telling a classic folktale to a partner. English Core Curriculum requirement: Re-tell a folktale? CHECK!!

“Thank you so much for your outstanding work with students and staff during the past two days. You are a wonderful storyteller. The classroom visit further enhanced the student’s understanding and the teacher workshop was super! All of us learned so much.” – Diane Willard, Squantum School teacher, Squantum, MA

Storytelling Residencies for Students:

WorkshopsAn approved artist educator on the roster of the Massachusetts Cultural Council, Diane knows that an immersion in storytelling develops within each person clear and concrete communication skills. Her residencies stress vocal range and flexibility, active listening skills, visualization, and the ability to frame intangible feelings into physical and vocal language. These residencies skillfully develop young students’ expressive and imaginative abilities within the narrative form.

Teacher Workshops

Storytelling Options:

This workshop covers the many ways the art of storytelling can enrich the classroom experience of pupils and educators alike. From encouraging students to tell their own stories to using folk tales to enhance curriculum, the many uses of storytelling will be discussed and explored. Using a combination of lecture/demonstration and simple participatory exercises, this workshop gives educators tried and tested ways to use storytelling to enliven learning.

Diane was the selected storytelling artist to lead Teacher Intensives for Cultural Survival, MA. The focus was on using folktales in a variety of learning settings while respecting cultural sensitivities.

Tell Me A Story: How to re-tell a folktale

Learn how to tell a folktale in your words in this interactive workshop! Diane leads workshop participants in group exercises that will develop everyone’s expressive abilities. Explore your voice’s potential and learn how to create a character using Diane’s method of Voice and Body signatures. Skills learned from this workshop can be applied to storytelling and public speaking. Experience the power of story!

Storytelling and the Art of Play:
 Motivating children to tell their own tales

All children have a story to tell, but how can we teach them the fundamental components of a story in a lively and interactive way? By using exercises developed during Diane’s twenty years of experience in schools, linking children’s innate ability to play with storytelling techniques we’ll bring students to their fullest storytelling potential. Best results if given together with Diane’s “Tell me A Story” workshop.