Embody Your Story

Learn how to embody a story in this interactive storytelling workshop that showcases Diane’s creative approach to story-making!

Get the stiffness out of your telling and the playfulness back in with ‘embodied storytelling’ a delightful body-based approach. When you embody a story, your physicality is as full a partner as your imagination and your voice. Weave into your narrative arc the world of the story and the body-based experiences of your characters and find surprising moments, new insights and organic rhythms enriching your work. Embodiment opens the door to storytelling’s ancient, transformational magic.

I want you to know how much I learned from you. I found your teachings so helpful to me as I write and tell stories.You have influenced the way I write so that now I first tell my story out loud as I write it. I find that the story itself has much clearer visual and sensory images and therefore it makes for such a richer story. And when I go to tell my story, your physical and vocal exercises mean that I can speak from my center with more confidence. – C. Gerzon – workshop participant


dianeclass1_2_2Transforming Voice

This fun, interactive workshop showcases the transformative power of voice

Whenever we communicate a story or an image we rely on our individual voices to create a living world for our listeners. To do this we need a voice that is both expressive and authentic. Storyteller Diane Edgecomb’s unique vocal and physical training helps us to strengthen the connection between the imagination and the voice, increasing its flexibility, authenticity, expressiveness, range and resonance. Special emphasis is placed on finding your natural and true voice. Come prepared to engage your body, your imagination and your own unique voice!

Comments from Diane’s Voice Workshop at Northland’s Storytelling Conference:

All of this was new to me. It will definitely bring strength and meaning to my storytelling.
Lots of great activities, sense of play, building on previous activities, feedback – thanks so much for sharing these techniques.

As a storyteller who uses her voice daily but has always been more focused on the content than the tool I was using to deliver it, I never gave much thought to my voice.  When I took Diane’s workshop, a whole new world opened to me. My understanding and ability to use my voice expanded as I grew an awareness of the depth and complexity of the tools I might now have available to me. I watched in amazement as my characters and story emerged from a deeper place of awareness and intentionality, all through a new integration of voice, posture and body.  Diane is a consummate professional. Her deep understanding of voice, character, and story comes together as she focuses on each individual’s personal needs while guiding a room of participants to deeper understanding. With Diane’s guidance, I met my stories from a new perspective and traveled with them a long way in a very short time! Lani Peterson – professional storyteller and therapist

Character Definitions

How do we create living characters? How can they be expressive or provide insight into the human condition? In this storytelling workshop we discover the many roads to characterization.

Comments from participants in Diane’s workshop at Sharing the Fire the Northeast Storytelling Conference:

Fun, interactive and informative- the only thing I wanted was more time!
Excellent exercises!

The How and Why of ‘How and Why’ Legends

‘How and Why’ legends have universal appeal and are part of every culture’s mythology. Using scholars like Joseph Campbell and Mircea Eliade as our guides, we will explore the intention of these stories and look at ways to utilize that understanding to enhance our telling.