The Storyteller’s Paintbox

Would you like more expressive tools in your paintbox? Come explore a whole range of new ways to enhance your storytelling and spoken word art in this interactive workshop that tunes up all of our expressive tools. Diane’s unique exercises develop Voice – Body – Image connections freeing up our instrument to play and paint what is in our imagination. Learn new ways to animate narration, deepen characterizations and develop a more expressive voice and body. Diane’s background as a singer and theatre artist coupled with her thirty year career as a professional teller has allowed her to develop a training just for the challenges and opportunities that arise when telling a tale. Professional and novice alike will gain from this interactive workshop that delves deeply into the tools of the storytelling art.

Re-imagining VOICE

This fun, interactive workshop showcases the transformative power of voiceDiane Edgecomb leading Voice Workshop

The eyes may be the ‘window of the soul’ but it is the voice that opens doorways. Everyday we rely upon it to communicate our needs and feelings to others and to respond to the world. This most personal of our expressive tools needs training and a gentle awakening to be transparent to the images, feelings and intentions inside of us. Diane’s workshop reinvigorates the voice with exercises developed during her years of spoken and sung performance and training, opening the voice to its creative possibilities and potential. Special emphasis is placed on going beyond habitual usages and restrictions to find your natural and true voice, increasing its expressiveness and resonance. Surprise yourself with the riches you can discover when your imagination is linked creatively to your true voice.

All of this was new to me. It will definitely bring strength and meaning to my storytelling.
Lots of great activities, sense of play, building on previous activities, feedback – thanks so much for sharing these techniques.

When I took Diane’s workshop, a whole new world opened to me. My understanding and ability to use my voice expanded as I grew an awareness of the depth and complexity of the tools I might now have available to me. I watched in amazement as my characters and story emerged from a deeper place of awareness and intentionality, all through a new integration of voice, posture and body.  Diane is a consummate professional. Her deep understanding of voice, character, and story comes together as she focuses on each individual’s personal needs while guiding a room of participants to deeper understanding.  Lani Peterson – professional storyteller and therapist

“A storyteller in the grand tradition, Edgecomb is a virtuoso of the spoken word…an entire cast rolled into one.” —Publisher’s Weekly