Summer Reading 2018: Libraries Rock!

For Summer Reading 2018:

Libraries Rock!!!

Let award-winning storyteller and singer Diane Edgecomb make your Summer Reading performance event the best ever! Choose from one of the following performances or look through Diane’s beloved family programs for the one just perfect for you!

Rock Solid!

A play on the theme title of “Libraries Rock” ROCK SOLID! explores the world under our feet with animated tales from Fossils to Soil Creatures. Don’t miss out on the fun as the whole audience helps solve the Mystery of the Missing DuckBill Dinosaur Eggs. In more underground fun, we meet up with Mr. Pillbug, Sir Centipede and a fast talking earthworm.


Join In: Musical Stories and Songs from around the world!

Travel around the world with these captivating multi-cultural stories and songs. Celebrate age-old narratives, animal characters and home-spun wisdom all the while learning songs in different languages as one of New England’s favorite storytellers takes us from the heart of the Amazon rainforest to the villages of Africa on the wings of story, rhythm and song.

Diane has been a library favorite for over twenty years! Give your audience a chance to experience the wonder and let your Library Rock!

Diane Edgecomb Storytelling kids 3-5yrs old

Diane’s full-out storytelling style engages every child

Here is what others have said about Diane’s Programs:

“My family was at your amazing performance of “Join In” yesterday. I have to tell you: It was awesome! It was so lively and full of joy. It’s amazing how you bring together many aspects of art and present them for kids so they use their imagination to “see” all the characters you’re talking, dancing and singing about. Personally, I was very happy with your folktales about the rainforests. I’m from Brazil where we have a rich heritage from Africa and we live in the US where my son was born. We were very pleased to hear from all those places that mean a lot to us. And, yes, we loved to hear “O Pião entrou na roda, ó pião! Roda pião, bambeia pião!”. I used to sing this song myself when I was kid. It was delightful. :~)” ~Marcia, Linden School, Malden, MA

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