Join In!

All over the world, people have used songs and chants to tell their stories. Master storyteller Diane Edgecomb will entertain with favorites from her repertoire with plenty of participation sure to keep even the youngest listeners involved. We’ll learn songs in several languages and find out how fun with music keeps the stories lively, the days sunny and all the monsters far away.

“My family was at your amazing performance of “Join In” yesterday. I have to tell you: It was awesome! It was so lively and full of joy. It’s amazing how you bring together many aspects of art and present them for kids so they use their imagination to “see” all the characters you’re talking, dancing and singing about. Personally, I was very happy with your folktales about the rainforests. I’m from Brazil where we have a rich heritage from Africa and we live in the US where my son was born. We were very pleased to hear from all those places that mean a lot to us. And, yes, we loved to hear “O Pião entrou na roda, ó pião! Roda pião, bambeia pião!”. I used to sing this song myself when I was kid. It was delightful. :~)” ~Marcia, Linden School, Malden, MA

“You received rave reviews from all of the staff (even the superintendent). You are such a talented performer and I hope to have you back next year!” ~ Cindy Littlefield, Welch School, Peabody, MA