Margot Chamberlain

Margot Chamberlain first played harp as part of the early music group Quadrivium, where she also studied recorder, singing, and medieval bowed strings. Twelve years of piano from age seven including two years at the Oberlin Conservatory, as well as subsequent studies of Celtic and traditional music, have inspired her harp playing, arranging, and composing. She has written music for worship including four-part choral pieces. Since 1989 she has accompanied storyteller Diane Edgecomb with music for the Solstices and other special times of year composing harp music and song for the performances, arranging numerous melodies for the flow of the stories and bringing in lovely material from cultures around the world to be sung and/or played. Margot has performed with The Christmas Revels, at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, and in many other venues. Trained as a GentleMUSE in a program coordinated by The Boston Conservatory and Massachusetts General Hospital, she plays harp for staff and patients at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

Tom Megan

Composer/Playwright and Musician Tom Megan has written the score for several of Diane’s storytelling pieces. Along with Margot he accompanies the Winter Solstice in Legend and Song performance using a combination of piano, synthesizer, guitar and accordion. He has written several full-length musicals and is a winner of numerous awards for the musical stage, including the Richards Rodgers Award. For more about Tom Megan visit

Andrew Mazlum Aytac

Andrew was introduced to the saz at an early age by his grandfather and uncle who were themselves traditional Kurdish saz players and singers.  He first began playing saz at age 12 and since then, has continued to keep alive this family tradition. Andrew accompanies Diane on performances of Kurdish folktales He brings with him wonderful traditional melodies and songs like Kani, Ceme Ceme and many others.